1. Download the application: Go on Apple store, load Shopper+ and start a new shopping journey

Download the Shopper+ app on your iPhone and start immediately a brand new shopping experience with amazing deals and rewards !



Ready to start a new Shopping journey browse the brands and discover promotions, best offers, localization of your favorite stores and finally be rewarded !!!

3. How to EARN points?

Walkin: Earn reward points for a simple store visit, no need to buy anything… On Shopper+, just find our partner store nearby mentioning Walkin-points, these points are limited in time and numbers... first come, first served !

4. Get rewarded for any purchase

You made a purchase at a partner store. Take the picture of your receipt and send us to be rewarded and cumulate purchase points.

5. How to redeem your points?

Once you have reached the required number of points, choose a voucher among numerous brands for a value from 5 to 120 AED and spend them anywhere among the partner brands.

Our current partners